How do I measure for a window replacement that was installed from the outside?

My windows were installed from the outside and the siding was installed over it. I have already replaced one window, but my measurements were wrong making the window too small. I had to frame out the window to make it fit. Of course, after the window was in, I installed trim around the outside window to hide where I cut the siding away. It looks nice, but I don't want to frame all the other windows. All the instructions on the Internet are for windows with sashes or windows installed from the inside. Thanks for any guidance anyone might provide!



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Answers to "How do I measure for a window replacement that was installed from the outside?"

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To get a precise measurement it is always best to remove the trim and expose the window opening. Regardless of whether it is wood or masonry, the window should be ordered a 1/2" less than the smallest width and height. In other words, verify the width and height dimensions in multiple areas to ensure that the opening does not shrink from one end to the other. Typically there will be sag in the middle of the header or something is out of square. Remember, measure twice and order once.

Upon installation it is always a good idea to have some wiggle room. These voids can be shimmed and filled with expansion foam that is specifically designed for doors and windows only in addition to caulking and window flashing of course. The trim can be replaced once the window installation is perfectly square, the sashes line up parallel to each other and the window opens, closes and locks properly. Feel free to contact me anytime or visit my website at

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