august 5, 2011

Cost of Private investigator

how much would it cost to hire a private investigator to follow a man who is suing my dad for back pain? I would like the private investigator to take photos and video of the man faking his back pain what would be the cost per hour? ...or flat rate? the distance is not a lot. It is a couple of miles


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Jairon Katz

september 4, 2014


We charge $60.00 an hour. This is for two investigators. Check out our website and give us a call if you need anything in Colorado or

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september 17, 2013

Forletta Consulting & Investigative Services


The most important factor behind hiring an investigator is there credibility. Most investigators should have a web site along with testimonials. I would also recommend you go to LinkedIN to further learn about the P.I.'s credentials. Remember the old "saying" you get what you pay for. Investigators are not like plumbers where you obtain the cheapest price.

Good Luck,

Larry Forletta


DEA Retired

web site

toll free -4.

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PI & Information...

february 26, 2013

PI Services LLC

We charge $75 an hour. Check out our website and give us a call if you need anything in Oregon.

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november 30, 2012

Lien & Bond Investigative Services

Arturo, we are Covert Surveillance specialists and our rates are $95.00 plus the Federal rate for mileage. We use GPS Tracking devices to obtain the optimal time on your case. This is at no extra cost to you.

Where are you located? We are in Arizona, but have offices all over the country.


Kelly Townsend

Chief Investigator

Lien & Bond Investigations

Direct# 4-

Toll Free: 1(855) GPS-UNIT

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july 15, 2012

Markham Investigation and Protection (MIP)


MIP would first make contact with you to discuss the details of your case at no charge. Each of our Licensed Investigators has extensive experience and our company will put all of it to the table to get the results that you want. We typically obtain a retainer. Our most common fees are $65.00 an hour, mileage $0.55 and all expenses are at cost. All fees will be clearly discussed prior to billing. We will keep in constant contact so that you can guide the direction of the investigation. We can provide a comprehensive background check of all parties during the investigation.

I personally have over 22 years experience in Law Enforcement, Private Investigation and Armed Security work and a certified trainer for professionals in the field.

Orrin Knutson

Markham Investigation & Protection (MIP)


CELL 509-406-0341

Investigations, Security & Protection, and Training

* WA Armed PS 59067 WA CJTC/DOL Pre-Assignment

Unarmed/Armed Security/PI/Bail Agent Training and Instructor

* WA Armed PI 3357

* OR PSID#51930 Executive Manager, Unarmed/Armed Instructor & Professional

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Director of...

july 11, 2012

Tricor Investigations

Average price range will be between $50 and $300 per hour. This of course depends on the complexity of the case, so realistically, call at least 3 local private investigations agencies, let them know clearly what you need and what your budget is. If you can find an agency that specializes in insurance claims surveillance, that is good.

I am in California, so if its in another state, good luck in locating someone to assist in the case. Keep in mind that the dollar amount you pay for an investigation regarding your fathers claim out ways the cost of his claim that will be paid out if there is fraud involved.

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michael t hebert

june 15, 2012

Michael Hebert Investigations

In short as many have said above, hire local, they are close and will know the area better than a national firm sending an over worked investigator three hours away who is only ready to get back home!

They will also be able to respond back quickly and possible conduct spot check after the case has been worked. Also don’t get nickeled & dimed to death with cost, look for agencies that offer all inclusive rates.

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Gregory Salazar

may 14, 2012

Polaris Investigation, LLC

There are many factors that would determine the final outcome and cost concerning this type of investigation.

The following are some factors that will determine the cost:

1. Location of the suspect. Does he/she live in a rural or urban area?

2. How hard is it to surveil/observed the location, and , or subject without being noticed by the suspect, or the suspect's friends/girlfriend/ family members or neighbors that might alert the suspect to your presence.

3. How alert is the suspect. Has he ever been followed before? Does he drive slow or fast? Does he have a "plain jane" car or a bright flashy new car? Does he like to run red lights? or is he/she a safe slow driver?

4. Do you know the habits of the suspect?

5. Depending on the aforementioned responses, you will then need to determine if one, two or even three investigators are need to surveil your target. The more investigators you need, the more it will cost you.

6. POLARIS INVESTIGATION, LLC recommends that you hire a licensed private investigator and review their qualifications and credentials. We also highly recommend that you take advantage of the free professional consultations that some Private Investigators offer. These free consultations offer you the opportunity to interview the investigator and his experience.

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february 23, 2012

The PI Agency

19 years of experience and over 10,000 surveillance cases documented. $85 per hour flat rate. NO mileage fee, NO drive-time cost. All cases are managed through out web based case management system. Video and photos are uploaded immediately so you can follow the case as it unfolds. Our work is guaranteed and our advice is always free!

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Fred Schroeder

january 4, 2012

Schroeder & Associates Investigative Services Co.

What area of the Country are you in. PS Excellant answers above. Cheers

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Kelli Waxman

november 30, 2011

Waxman Associates LLC

We also charge a $500.00 retainer fee, $55.00 per hour, mileage $0.55 and all expenses are at cost. Anything after 25 hours is quoted at another rate, a flat bill rate.

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november 14, 2011

Workable Solutions Investigative & Protective Services, LLC

My company would first obtain a $500.00 retainer fee. Charge $50.00 an hour, mileage $0.55 and all expenses are at cost. Now your finale bill would all depend on the number of hours followed. All this would be discussed in the free initial consultation.

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Kelli Waxman

october 26, 2011

Waxman Associates LLC

We are located in Phoenix, AZ. We charge $85.00 per hour, 4 hour minimum surveillance fee, 0.75 cents a mile reimbursement. Client determines number of hours he/she wants for the project. If project is expected to take 30+ hours, we offer discounts and flat fee arrangements. Report and videos provided to client. Due diligence is included in our quote, and is done prior to the surveillance to reduce costs to customer.

Kelli Waxman,

Waxman Associates LLC

Phoenix, AZ



Licensed, bonded, insured

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Matthew Hale

october 18, 2011

Illinois Investigative Solutions, Inc.

Finding a reputable Professional Investigator should be your first objective. Check google in your area. Simply type "private investigator" into the search line. A list of local Investigators who have taken the time to properly market their business will show up. Call several on the list. Visit their websites and choose one with the qualifications and business profile that meets your standards. You must feel comfortable with this person. You will be revealing personal information to this investigator and you should be satisfied that he/she will perform the work in your best interest. Lastly, make sure they are licensed and insured.

At Illinois Investigative Solutions, Inc. (, we charge $95.00 per hour and .51 per mile plus expenses. As others have stated, the cost can vary from $65/hour to $125/hour. You get what you pay for. For extended investigations, most companies will reduce their rate per hour as they realize these types of investigations can last for up to 5 days. Good Luck and please contact me with any further questions.

Matthew Hale

Illinois Investigative Solutions, Inc.

Naperville, IL



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Claude Ammons

september 28, 2011

AIR/Agency of Investigation Recon


The cost associated with conducting a surveillance investigation is predicated on the anticipated number of days and hours which will most likely be used in order to obtain the evidence you seek. The other minimal factors that are generally considered in the overall cost are:

1-The experience of the Investigator.

2-The Private Investigator's areas of specialization.

3-State & county where the surveillance is to take place.

4-Drive time & mileage to and from the assignment.

5-Expenses and incidental costs associated with conducting an investigation.

Our firm is a California licensed and based investigative firm that specializes in surveillance. Approximately 85% of the surveillance assignments we work are Workers Compensation/Insurance fraud cases. We are experts in obtaining video evidence to mitigate fraudulent claims. However, this man might not be in public view doing activities that would be contrary to his alleged injuries, therefore surveillance may need multiple attempts to obtain useful evidence to mitigate the claim.

Our rates ore $85.00 and $.75 per mile. Nonetheless, in most cases we determine a plan of action with the client and determine what the major cost will be to obtain the evidence our client seeks, if possible. At that time we offer a FLAT RATE FEE which is all inclusive.

I am not sure what state you reside in and or where this surveillance would be taking place, nonetheless, feel free to contact me at your convenience and I will do my best to help you find a reputable investigator in which every state your reside.

Best regards,

Claude Ammons

Corinthian Group

CA PI # 26978/23070

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september 22, 2011

MJBGROUP Private Investigators

MJBGROUP LLC would recommend that you first research (check the background) of the Private Investigator companies who provide such service. Make sure that these companies are licensed by the State they operate in, and, that they are fully insured through a reputable insurance agency. We would strongly suggest that you first check and determine if this company has taken the time and expense to open a company website. Private Investigator professionals realize that the customer needs to be able to research as much information about a firm before taking on their services. WEBSITES should provide not only a list of services offered, rather, the site should provide you (the customer) with a biographical description of the investigators on staff; their experience; and their time of service in the profession. Cross check the company name to determine if the PI firm has advertised elsewhere (ie. MANTA, INFOGUYS, CITYGUIDE, CITY SEARCH, YELLOW PAGES, GOOGLE, YAHOO). The final issue is to check and see if this firm has some sort of business "guarantee". Not all firms are reputable!

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august 8, 2011

XYZ Mathematics

The price a private investigator charges for services varies greatly depending on many different variables. The most important variable is location. The location a private investigator resides in will affect the firm’s number of potential clients. An investigator in a rural area is less likely to charge as much as an investigator in an urban area simply because the firm may not have a lot of business. The cost of living of the area will also affect the rates of firms. Some investigations require specialized investigators. For instance a forensic accounting or financial investigation may cost much more than a typical surveillance operation.

The biggest mistake people make when conscripting an investigation is to hire a (supposed) national firm. These firms charge well over $100.00 an hour. Then the firm will sub-contract the investigation to a local private investigator. It is typical for these firms to sub-contract these investigations to independent private investigators for as little as $300.00 a day. These investigations are sometimes successful, but are typically brute in their method. These firms may put an investigator on a house for eight hours even if it is completely uncalled for, and the investigator is not able to deviate from a preconceived plan.

In Northern Virginia the price for an hour of investigation ranges typically between $65.00 and $125.00 plus mileage and expenses. In my opinion it is always better to contract with a local private investigation firm unless a national management firm has some type of value added for handling numerous nationwide investigations for a single client. A national firm may be the way to go if you have numerous ongoing investigations in many states.

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